Comics – Superheroes – Space Cowboys

A College Course on Comics and Superheroes?


Yes, This summer – the summer of 2016, you can explore some of these questions:

  • How did comics promote the nationalism and patriotism of the WW II era? (Hint…Capt. America)
  • Did people really think comics were contributing to juvenile delinquency?
  • How did comics address the cultural issues of the 60s like race and the women’s movement?
  • Are comics even relevant in today’s world of mega-blockbuster movies like The Avengers and Batman vs Superman?

Top 5 Facts About this Course…

  1. This is entirely online….take from anywhere, from the beach, an internship, or in your PJs in your parents basement.
  2. Semester lasts six (6) weeks…that’s it.
  3. Full access to your instructor. You aren’t left on your own.
  4. You get to have cool conversations with other comics and superhero fans.
  5. You never have to be online at any specific time. Complete the work on your schedule as long as you get it done on time, I don’t care.


BC major or Minor? Take this as BC 253 to fulfill major or minor requirement.

COM major or minor? Take this as COM 205 to fulfill major or minor requirement.

Person looking for an HC course? Take as either BC 253 or COM 205…it’s up to you.

Did you take BC 253 or COM 205 previouslyDON’T WORRY, You can still take this course as COM 410 this summer.

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